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Counseling is a process that you control and drive.  I am along for the ride, to help you understand the map and how to navigate the road.  You tell me what you would like to have happen--what is troubling you now and how you would like to feel when we are finished.  Sharing your story with a stranger is sometimes hard but sometimes easier than sharing it with someone with whom you have history.  My role as your counselor/therapist is to become your ally on this therapeutic journey and to provide a safe space where you can talk and be yourself without fear of judgment. 


I promise to be honest with you and support you as you explore who you are and become accepting of yourself.  I will work to earn your trust and to shine a light on the road ahead.

Sessions are conducted remotely by video in either English or Spanish.

I would like to walk beside you for a while until you can believe in your own power to succeed.

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